About Campus of Information Technology/CIT

CIT has been registered under the companies Act of DKB / M06 / 99 (1996) in the field of Advanced Computing and Information Technology, Language courses and Technology courses (Information Technology, Civil, Quantity Surveyor, Land Surveyor, Draftsmen, Interior & Structural Engineering) ect..
The College of Information Technology in Kinniya (Trincomalee) is fully accredited by millennium to contacted and variety of courses including  access courses leading to advanced study courses in the United Kingdom, Europe countries and Common wealth countries.
Millennium has inspected the facilities at the College of Information Technology and is happy to note that Latest computers confirming to the latest standard in the computer intrude are used in computer laboratory.Whatever you age, aims and as aspiration, you will be  given full supported by using the to achieve your ambition Enroll at the College of information technology and watch your horizons expend.
RGC.NO : DKB/M06/99 & TVEC Sri Lanka-P19/0020.
Certified by : SKBIZ. Australia. MDTD & NEPC (NEP)
Member in CPM (England)